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Legal Speak is a weekly podcast that makes sense of what's happening in the legal industry. Each episode tackles a subject that's worthy of a deep dive—from law firm profit hacks to Supreme Court showdowns to the most promising plays in legal tech. Hosted by Editor-in-Chief Zack Needles and Newsroom Innovation Director Vanessa Blum, Legal Speak offers straight talk from experts, plus an inside-the-newsroom perspective on market-shaping stories.

Apr 30, 2021

Despite—or, perhaps more accurately, because of—its rocky start, 2020 ended up being a banner year for Big Law financials. The pandemic forced law firms to cut costs in a major way, but there was a lot more than that behind firms’ soaring profits.<br/><br/>

In this week's episode, Gina Passarella, ALM’s editor-in-chief, global legal brands, interviews American Lawyer executive editor Ben Seal and ALM Legal Intelligence senior analyst James Willer about some of the key findings from this year’s Am Law 100 rankings with regard to profitability.