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Legal Speak is a weekly podcast that makes sense of what's happening in the legal industry. Brought to you by's global network of reporters and editors, each episode tackles a subject that's worthy of a deep dive—from law firm profit hacks to Supreme Court showdowns to the most promising plays in legal tech. Hosted by editors Leigh Jones and Vanessa Blum, Legal Speak offers straight talk from experts, plus inside-the-newsroom perspective on market-shaping stories.

Sep 27, 2019

In this episode, we’re podcasting from the General Counsel Conference in Midtown New York. The event is where hundreds of in-house lawyers and other legal pros gather to focus on trends in the profession. In the midst of the conference, hosted by affiliate Corporate Counsel, we pulled aside a few in-house lawyers and asked them three basic questions about their jobs. You’ll hear from Deborah Pierce, senior vice president and general counsel at Integrity Staffing Solutions; Marc Bonora, chief litigation counsel at Envision Healthcare; and Ksenia Sussman, general counsel and chief compliance officer at BitOoda.